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Tigger as Woody

Kenai as Buzz

Ken as Mr. Potato Head

Barbie as Mrs. Potato Head

Nita as Jessie

Zebstrika as Bullseye

Sonic as Rex

Batman as Hamm

Piranha Plant as Slinky

Lucas as Andy

Selena Gomez as Mrs. Davis

Starfall Baby as Baby Molly

Tigress as Bo Peep

George Jetson as RC

Stitch as Lenny

Yoshi as Snake

DK as Robot

Bowser as Mr. Shark

El Supremo as Rocky Gladiator

Owls (Rock-a-Doodle) as Troll Dolls

Queen of Hearts & King of Hearts as Al

Lizard Guard as Sarge

Animal Guards as Sarge's Soldiers

Dr. Doofenschmirtz as Zurg

Sleep Story as Trash Can Toys

Pinocchio as Wheezy

The Pink Panther as Etch

Noah as Mr. Spell

Ludwig Von Drake as Stinky Pete

Dora's Dad as Geri the Cleaner

Yogi Bear as Utility Belt Buzz

Female Robots

XJ-4 as Tour Guide Barbie

Tinker Bell as Emily

May as Amy

Mumble, Pingu, & Pinga as Squeezy Toy Aliens

XJ-3 as Amy's Barbie Doll 1

Milotic as Amy's Barbie Doll 2

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