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alagateryandchestnut3's movie spoof of 1951's Alice in Wonderland


  • Alice: Brittany
  • Alice's sister: Jeanette
  • Dinah: Abu
  • White Rabbit: Brer Rabbit
  • Doorknob: Brian Griffin
  • Dodo: Big Bird
  • Tweedledum & Tweedledum: Phineas & Ferb
  • Walrus: Beezy
  • Carpenter: Jimmy Two Shoes
  • Bill the Lizard: Grover
  • The Caterpillar: Marvin the Martian
  • Cheshire Cat: Genie
  • Mad Hatter: Pumbaa
  • March Hare: Timon
  • Dormouse: Hocus Pocus
  • Queen of Hearts: Heloise
  • King of Hearts: Coconuts


  • This is the third movie-spoof of Alagateryandchesnut3.


  • Brittany in Wonderland Part 1
  • Brittany in Wonderland Part 2
  • Brittany in Wonderland Part 3
  • Brittany in Wonderland Part 4
  • Brittany in Wonderland Part 5
  • Brittany in Wonderland Part 6 (Final)

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