Charlie-zan is a cartoon movie spoof, animal style and parody of "Tarzan" is created by LionKingFanFilms. It will appear on YouTube in the near future.


  • Tarzan - Charlie (All Dogs Go to Heaven)
  • Jane - Sasha (All Dogs Go to Heaven 2)
  • Clayton - Red (All Dogs Go to Heaven 2)
  • Professor Porter - Itchy (All Dogs Go to Heaven)
  • Terk - Ellie (Ice Age: The Meltdown)
  • Tantor - Donkey Kong
  • Kala - Palutena (Kid Icarus)
  • Kerchak - Baloo (The Jungle Book)
  • Young Tarzan - Scamp (Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure)
  • Young Terk - Peaches (Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs)
  • Young Tantor - Diddy Kong (Donkey Kong)
  • Sabor - Siri (Rugrats Go Wild)
  • Baby Baboon - Chomper (The Land Before Time)
  • Baboons - Sharpteeth (The Land Before Time)

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