SuperWhyMovies' Movies Spoof of 1994 Disney sequel "The Return of Jafar"


  • Aladdin/Prince Ali - Curdie (The Princess and the Goblin)
  • Princess Jasmine - Princess Irene (The Princess and the Goblin)
  • Genie - Kronk (The Emperor's New Groove)
  • Abu - Turnip (The Princess and the Goblin)
  • Iago - Gurgi (The Black Cauldron)
  • Sultan - Pacha (The Emperor's New Groove)
  • Rajah - Adult Tod (The Fox and the Hound)
  • Jafar - Dr. Facilier (The Princess and the Frog)
  • Abis Mal - Mr. Smee (Peter Pan)
  • Abis Mal's Mens - The Cards (Alice in Wonderland (1951)) and The Pirates (Peter Pan)
  • Razoul - Tai Lung (Kung Fu Panda)
  • Razoul's Guards - Wolves (Kung Fu Panda 2)
  • Magic Carpet - Rainbow Dash (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  • Genie Jafar - Lord Shen (Kung Fu Panda 2)

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