Sergant Calhoun from (Wreck-it Ralph) as Giselle (animated)

Elizabeth as Giselle (live action)

Frankie as Robert Phillips

Monster from (Robot & Monster) as Prince Edward (animated)

Jason as Prince Edward (live action)

JD from (Robot & Monster) as Nancy (animated)

Nia as Nancy (live action)

Q*Bert from (Wreck-it Ralph) as Pip (animated)

Wicket as Pip (live action)

Sour Bill from (Wreck-it Ralph) as Nathaniel (animated)

Danberry as Nathaniel (live action)

Maleficent from (Sleeping Beauty) as Queen Narissa (animated)

Gripps as Queen Narissa (live action)

Lady Tremaine from (Cinderella) as Queen Narissa as a hag (animated)

Lizzy Jones as Queen Narissa as a hag (live action)

Cy-Bug King Candy/Turbo from (Wreck-it Ralph) as Dragon Queen Narissa

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