• Pocahontas: Thereeeeeeeeee's! Nothing to see, gather uh, over there! Excuse me, is there anything I can do! I'm a Native Woman! Sir is there any problem?
  • Nani: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt things! She isn't a good listener and I just think it's a little too soon for him to be out here on supervisior.
  • Pocahontas: Well, I can assure you she's quite safe with me.
  • Nani: Look, I'm sure she is. But, you have a large class and she can get lost, you know from sight...
  • Quasimodo: Oh, my Gosh! Lilo is swimming out the SEA!
  • (Lilo is going to see the boat any closer)
  • Nani: (gasps) LILOOO! What do you think you're doing?! You're gonna get stuck out there and I'm gonna have to get you before another girl does! Get back here! I said get back here... NOW!! take one more move, girl! Don't-don't you dare, if you put one hand on that boat, are you listening to me?! Don't touch the bo-- (Lilo slaps the boat) LILO!
  • Cera: She touched the butt.
  • Nani: You get your hawaiian girl right back here, Lilo! That's right! You are in big trouble, young lady! Do you hear me?! 
  • (at last, Sharptooth comes in)
  • Nani: (gasps)
  • Petrie: (screaming)
  • Lilo: (gasps) AAAAAAAH! NANI, HELP ME!!
  • Nani: I'm coming, Lilo!
  • (at last, Mountain Sharptooth comes in)
  • Nani: (gasping)
  • Petrie: Aaaaaaaaah!
  • Pocahontas: Get under me, kids!
  • Lilo: Aah, no, no! Nani! NANI-IIIIIIIIIII!
  • Nani: (panting)
  • (Mountain Sharptooth takes the picture)
  • Nani: Yikes! LILOOOOOOO! Lilo, no! Lilo, Lilo! Nooooo! Noooooooooo! (at the boat departs) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Lilo Lilo!
  • Lilo: (Muttering)
  • Sharptooth: Woah Hold On
  • Nani: Oh No No It's Gone It's Gone No It Can't Be Gone No No Lilo Lilo Lilo No (Gasps) Lilo Lilo No No Please No No No (Gasps) As Everybody Seen The Boat Please A White Boat They Took My Son My Son Help Me Please
  • David: Look Out Ah
  • Nani: Ah (Grunts) Ow

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