Frankie as Hercules

Elizabeth as Megara

Jason as Philocetes

Sean as Hades

Bear as Pegusas

Danberry, Fishy, Carl Lakey, Johnathan, and Striker as Pain and Panic

Bowser from (Mario) as Rock Titan

Zombie from (House of Dead) as Ice Titan

Dr. Eggman from (Sonic) as Lava Titan

Clyde from (Pac-man) as Tornado Titan

Neff from (Altered Beast) as The Cyclops

Zangief from (Street Fighters) as Nesus

Gripps as The Fate that can see the Past

Granddaughter as The Fate that can see the Present

Lizzy Jones as  The Fate that can see the Future

Phineas and Ferb as Pain and Panic as boys

Cindy Bear from (Yogi Bear) as Pain and Panic as a horse

Insectosaurus from (Monsters vs. Aliens) as Cerberus

Edgar the Bug from (Mens In Black) as Hydra

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