Frankie as Woody

Jason as Buzz Lightyear

Elizabeth as Jessie

Mr. Dinosaur as Rex

Wicket as Mr. Potatohead

Bear as Hamm

Polo as Slinky Dog

Sean as Sid

Striker as Scud

Plankton from (Spongebob Squarepants) as Babyface

Bullhead as Ducky

Good Sharky as The Frog

Cameron as Hand-in-the-Box

Lady Jordan as Legs

Fishy as Jingle Joe

Patrick Star from (Spongebob Squarepants) as Rockmobile

Spongebob Squarepants as Walking Car

Mordecai from (Regular Show) as Roller Bob

The Rowdyruff Boys from (Powerpuff Girls) as Red Pickup Truck

King Candy from (Wreck-it Ralph) as Stinky Pete

Dr. Octopus from (Spiderman) as Lotso

Rhino from (Spiderman) as Big Baby

Kraven from (Spiderman) as Chunk

Electro from (Spiderman) as Sparks

Beetle from (Spiderman) as Twitch

Sandman from (Spiderman) as Strech

Wreck-it Ralph as Symbols Monkey

Jayden as Ken

Joyce as Barbie

Ed, Edd, N Eddy as Peas-in-a-Pod

Piglet from (Winnie the Pooh) as Mr. Pricklepants

Tinman from (Wizard of Oz) as Buttercup

Genie Jafar from (Aladdin) as Emperor Zurg

Pain, Panc, and Hades from (Hercules) as Al McWiggins

All cameos in Wreck-it Ralph and Wreck-it Ralph 2 as The Aliens

Q*Bert from (Wreck-it Ralph) as The Alien who got chosen

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