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Halo Dragoon is a Halo-themed remake of the Panzer Dragoon series(minus Saga). It features the character flying an AI-controlled UNSC Hornet through various landscapes, fighting off the Covenant, the Flood, and the Sentinels.

Fill-in rolesEdit

  • Empire - Covenant
  • Meccania Federation - Insurrectionists
  • Mutated Monsters - Flood(first two games only)
  • Pure-type Monsters - Sentinels(first two games only)



A group of UNSC Marines explore the small valley they're in. A Covenant Spirit flies over them, and they question it. This moment of silence breaks, when a Flood Infection Form appears and jumps over the three Marines. Kyle, the main Marine, gives chase. Another Infection Form appears, but Kyle kills it with his M6D pistol. The remaining Flood Form retreats into an abandoned Forerunner structure. He takes a look at the place, then he notices the Flood Infection Form fall onto the floor, bleeding and dying. Three laser shots appear around him. Then, a Forerunner Super Sentinel drops before his eyes, as he runs down the large corridor. He comes to a dead end, and the Sentinel corners him. He tries to fire off afew pistol shots, but they just bounce off. The Sentinel moves in for the kill, but a rock drops, smashing it. A UNSC Hornet flies in through the hole, followed by three plasma blasts around Kyle. He falls down. The Hornet flies back, followed by a large fireball which engulfs the whole tunnel. He awakens outside, and witnesses a battle between a Prophet on a hoverchair. The Prophet injures the pilot of the Hornet, who roughly lands it near him. He shows him a memory of his goal. The pilot dies, as Kyle takes control of the vehicle, and flies off. He waves to his fellow Marines down below, then flies to an ocean.

The first episode begins over the ocean at a destroyed city. Flood forms attack Kyle as he flies through and destroys them. He finds out that a Covenant Spirit ship is endangering the Flood in this area, so he heads up and fights it. It deploys many smaller Covenant ships, such as Banshees and even now harmful Huragok. He manages to destroy the ship, and flies off.

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