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  1. snow white as jasmine [aladdin]
  2. the prince as aladdin
  3. bashful as genie [aladdin]
  4. sleepy as friend owl [bambi]
  5. doc as owl [winner the pooh]
  6. grumpy as mushu [mulan]
  7. happy as tigger [winner the pooh]
  8. dopey as thumper [bambi]
  9. sneezy as ed [ed edd n eddy]
  10. the forest animals as thereslef
  11. the wicked queen grimhilde as zira [the lion king]
  12. the old hag witch as joanna [the rescuers down under]
  13. the slave of the magic mirror as the grand duke of owls [rock-a-doodle]
  14. humbert the huntsman as shere khan [the jungle book]
  15. the raven as mr.kat [kids vs kat]
  16. the vultures as the raven [snow white and the seven dwarfs] and diablo the raven [sleeping beauty]

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