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  1. mowgli [the jungle book] as aladdin
  2. kronk [the emperor's new groove] as genie
  3. mowgli father [the jungle book 2] as cassim
  4. shanti [the jungle book 2] as princess jasmine
  5. killer [all dog go to heaven] as iago
  6. drake [the pebble and the penguin] as sa'luk
  7. nemo [finding nemo] as abu
  8. pumbaa [the lion king] as rajah
  9. merlin [the sword in the stone] as sultan
  10. bambi mother [bambi] as the oracle
  11. sir ector [the sword in the stone] as razoul
  12. rainbow dash [my little pony: friendship is magic] as the magic carpet
  13. ozzy and strut [the land before time 2] hyp nod and mutt [the land before time 3] ichy and dil [the land before 4] mahra [jungle cubs] as the 40 thieves
  14. arthur and cecil jed fred and ned the red dog and cain the wolf as sa'luk 6 man

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