Amathist1998's movie spoof of Cinderella.


  • Peppita Rossetti (Star Ocean 3: Till End of Time) - Cinderella,
  • Megaman - The Prince,
  • Sooty (The Sooty Show) - Jaq,
  • Sweep (The Sooty Show) - Gus,
  • Miki (Sooty and Co.) - Perla
  • Soo (The Sooty Show) - Mary
  • various animated animals - Mice
  • Cat R. Waul (An American Tail 2: Fievel goes west) - Lucifer
  • Spike (Tom and Jerry) - Bruno
  • Scarlett Overkill (The Minions) - Lady Tremaine
  • Nel Zelpher (Star Ocean 3: Till End of Time) - Anastasia
  • Mirage Koas (Star Ocean 3: Till End of Time) - Drizella
  • Tooth Fairy (Rise of The Guardians) - Fairy Godmother
  • Professor Archimedes Q Porter (Tarzan) - The king
  • Captain Neweyes (We're Back!: A Dinosaur's Story) - The duke
  • Khan (Mulan) - The Horse
  • Pops (Regular Show) - The royal manager and
  • 40 thieves (Aladdin the king of thieves) - The Palace Guards

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