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Thebackgroundponies2016Style's movie-spoof of "Cinderella".



  • Cinderella - Jennifer Shope (Supernoose)
  • Prince Charming - Socks Morton (Whatever Happend To Robot Jones)
  • The Fairy Godmother - Pearl (Steven Universe)
  • Jaq - Wander (Wander Over Yonder)
  • Gus - Dee Dee (Oggy and The Crockroaches)
  • Lady Tremaine - The Spy From Apartment 8-I (Welcome to the Wayne)
  • Lucifer - Starlight Glimmer (My Little Pony; Friendship Is Magic)
  • The King - Lord Starchbottom (The 7D)
  • The Grand Duke - Armando (Pirate Express)
  • Young Anastasia Tremaine - Mavis Dracula (Hotel Transylvania)
  • Adult Anastasia Tremaine - Mavis Dracula (Hotel Transylvania)
  • Young Drizella Tremaine - Star Butterfly (Star Vs. The Forces of Evil)
  • Adult Drizella Tremaine - Sam Sparks (Cloudy With A Chaned of Meatballs)
  • Bruno - Bernie (Zig and Sharko)
  • Major - Altivo (The Road To El Dorado) 
  • The Main Birds - Ketta and Swan Odette (Breadwinners and The Swan Princess)
  • Mice - Happy Tree Friends Characters
  • Mary - Tooth Fairy (The 7D)
  • Perla - Maggie Pesky (The Maggie on Maggie)
  • The Footman - Manolo Sanchez (The Book of Life)
  • Cinderella's Father - Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty)
  • Bruno as Footman - Bobby Santiago (The Loud House)
  • Major as Coachman - Captain K'nuckles (The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack)


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