Skippy Rabbit is a rabbit from Robin Hood.

Voice Actors:Edit

  1. Billy Whittaker - English
  2. Yuval Segal - Hebrew

He Played Young Simba in The Mammal KingEdit

He Played Dumbo in Skippy (a.k.a Dumbo)Edit

He Played two of Flounder's Kids In The Little Mer-Lioness II: Return to the SeaEdit

He Played Mickey Mouse In Fantasia (PierrickCanalFamille Style) and Fantasia 2000 (PierrickCanalFamille Style)Edit

He Played Tom Tucker in Canal Famille GuyEdit

He Played Pinocchio in Skippy (Pinocchio)Edit

He Played Young Tod in The RabbitEdit

He Played Opposum in Canal Famille PlanetEdit

He Played Kif Kroker in Futurama (PierrickCanalFamille Style)Edit

He Played James (Animated) in Skippy and the Giant PeachEdit

He Played Manny Heffley in Robin Hood/Diary of a Wimpy KidEdit




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