Frankie as Bugs Bunny

Wreck-it Ralph as Michael Jordan

Elizabeth as Lola Bunny

Jason as Daffy Duck

Sean as Swackhammer

Bear as Porky Pig

Bullhead as Foghorn Leghorn

Wicket as Tweety

Bowser Jr from (Mario) as Nerdluck Pound

Bowser from (Mario) as Monstar Pound

Johnathan from (Hotel Trannsylvania) as Nerdluck Blanko

Cyril the Zombie from (House of Dead) as Monstar Blanko

Stompy from (Ni-Hao Kai-lan) as Nerdluck Bupkus

Neff from (Altered Beast) as Monstar Bupkus

Jayden as Nerdluck Bang

Zangief from (Street Fighter) as Monstar Bang

High Five Ghost from (Regular Show) as Nerdluck Nawt

Clyde from (Pac-man) as Monstar Nawt

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