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The Africa Safari Book is another cartoon spoof and parody of "The Jungle Book" is created by LionKingRulez88. It will appeared on YouTube on August 17, 2011.


  • Lopaka [Flipper & Lopaka] as Mowgli
  • Timon and Pumbaa [The Lion King] as Baloo
  • Xiro [Noah's Ark/El Arca] as Bagheera
  • Wooly the Mammoth [Cats Don't Dance] as Colonel Hathi
  • King Gator [All Dogs Go to Heaven] as King Louie
  • Vlad Vladikoff [Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!] as Kaa
  • Tai Lung [Kung Fu Panda] as Ahere Khan
  • Nola [Flipper & Lopaka] as Shanti
  • Mushu [Mulan], SpongeBob SquarePants, Jim Crow [Dumbo], Wally Gator and Batty Koda [FernGully] as The Vultures
  • Nigel [The Wild] as Flunkey Monkey
  • Alligators [Fantasia], Pelicans [The Princess and the Frog], Lemurs [Madagascar] and Marmosets [Rio] as The Monkeys
  • Mama Bear [The Berenstein Bears (1985)] as Winifred
  • Whooper [Pound Puppies; Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw] as Hathi, Jr.
  • Various Animals in differnet movies and Elephants [Goliath II] as The Elephants
  • Manny [Ice Age] as The Elephant whispering to Winifred
  • Gopher [Pooh] as The Elephant with 'Dusty Muzzle'
  • Iago [Aladdin] as The Slob Elephant
  • Chief [The Fox and the Hound] as The Elephant with Silly Grin
  • Reluctant Dragon [Disney's The Reluctant Dragon] as The Elephant with Fly
  • Puffin [The Swan Princess] as The Elephant with Hair
  • Sergent Tibs [101 Dalmatians (Animated)] as The Elephant with smashed nose after a crash
  • Fair Tuck [Robin Hood] as Akela
  • Various Jungle Animals [Jungle Cubs] as The Wolves
  • Kerchak and Kala [Tarzan] as Rama (Father Wolf) and Raksha (Mother Wolf)
  • Terk, Flynt, Mungo and Baby Gorilla [Tarzan] as The Wolf Cubs
  • Cody [The Rescuers Down Under] as Baby Mowgli

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