1. taran as bambi [bambi 1and2]
  2. eilonwy as faline [bambi 1and2]
  3. dallben as the great prince of the forest [bambi 1and2]
  4. fflewddur fflam as friend owl [bambi 1and2]
  5. horned king as the grand duke of owls [rock-a-doodle]
  6. king eidilleg as double-d [ed edd n eddy]
  7. gurgi as ed [ed edd n eddy]
  8. hen-wen as thumper [bambi 1and2]
  9. doli as eddy [ed edd n eddy]
  10. dallben's cat as flower [bambi 1and2]
  11. orddu orwen and orgoch as zira mluma shenzi [the lion king 1and2 and jungle cubs]
  12. creeper as hunch [rock-a-doodle]
  13. horned king guard as owls and dogs [rock-a-doodle and bambi 1and2]
  14. horned king dragon as great animals and dragon maleficent [the swan princess and sleeping beauty]

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