TheBeckster1000's movie-spoof of "The Swan Princess".


  • Baby Odette/Toddler/Mid-teen Odette/Young Adult Odette - Marie (The Aristocats)
  • Adult Odette - Sawyer (Cats Don't Dance)
  • Swan Odette - Maid Marian (Robin Hood)
  • Young Derek/Mid-teen Derek/Young Adult Derek - Oliver (Oliver and Company)
  • Adult Derek - Danny (Cats Don't Dance)
  • Rothbart - Cat R. Waul (Fievel Goes West)
  • Rothbart's back-up singers - Clarabelle Cow, Bianca (The Rescuers), and Georgette (Oliver and Company)
  • Great Animal - Red (All Dogs Go To Heaven 2)
  • Jean-Bob - Basil (The Great Mouse Detective)
  • Speed - Tiger (An American Tail)
  • Puffin - Wilbur (The Rescuers Down Under)
  • Queen Uberta - Miss Kitty (Fievel Goes West)
  • Ostrich Queen Uberta - Daisy Duck
  • King William - Thomas O'Malley (The Aristocats)
  • King William's Captain - Bagheera (The Jungle Book)
  • Lord Rogers - Owl (Pooh)
  • Lizard Lord Rogers - Kaa (The Jungle Book)
  • Young Bromley - Pudge (Cats Don't Dance)
  • Bromley - Hubie (The Pebble and the Penguin)
  • Ape Bromley - Bruno (The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh)
  • Chamberlain - T.W. the Turtle (Cats Don't Dance)
  • Pig Chamberlain - One of the pigs from "The Three Little Pigs"
  • Bridgit - Vitani (The Lion King 2)
  • Target Practice Animals (Elephant, Fox, Lion, Boar, Moose, Bear, Duck, Stork and Rabbit): Papa Heffalump (The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh), Shifu (Kung Fu Panda), Tigger (Pooh), Eeyore (Pooh), Heff (The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh), Pooh (Pooh), Stan (The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh), Cecil (w/ Arthur as extra) from Jungle Cubs, and The Monkey (from The Jungle Book)
  • Alligators in the Moat - Tick-Tock Crocodile (Peter Pan) and The Crocodile from Jungle Cubs (The Great Kaadini)
  • The Mouse - Roquefort (The Aristocats)
  • The Dragon - Madam Mam as a Dragon (The Sword in the Stone)
  • The Fly - Cri-Kee (Mulan)
  • The Dragonfly - Bee (The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh)
  • The Singing Men - Panchito, Jose Carioca, and Donald Duck (The Three Caballeros)
  • Princesses on Parade - Minnie Mouse, Tanya (An American Tail), Kanga (Pooh), Marina (The Pebble and the Penguin), Clarcie (Chip and Dale), Sasha (All Dogs Go To Heaven 2), Tigress (Kung Fu Panda), Tillie the Hippo (Cats Don't Dance), Kiara (The Lion King 2), and Viper (Kung Fu Panda)
  • The Singing Chrous during "Princesses on Parade" - Mickey Mouse and Goofy in "The Prince and the Pauper," The Cats from "An American Tail 2: Fievel Goes West," The Singing Musketeers from "Disney Animated version of The Three Musketeers, and more
  • The Birds in Puffin's Army - Zazu (The Lion King), Scuttle (The Little Mermaid), and Rocko (The Pebble and the Penguin)
  • The Prince that Jean-Bob thought was him - Jim Crow (Dumbo)
  • The Lady who faints after seeing a frog - Mama Heffalump (The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh)


  • The Fox Princess Part 1 - Prologue


  • This is the sixth movie-spoof of TheBeckster1000.
  • This is Cat R. Waul's second appearence. His first appearence was The Great Tigger Detective.

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