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  1. ariel as shanti [the jungle book]
  2. eric as mowgli [the jungle book]
  3. flounder as jimmy [ed edd n eddy]
  4. sebastian as double-d [ed edd n eddy
  5. scuttle as ed [ed edd n eddy]
  6. king triton as mowgli father [the jungle book 2]
  7. ursula as gnorga [the troll at central park]
  8. flotsam and jetsam as the grand duke of owls and hunch as [rock-a-doodle]
  9. grimsby as eddy [ed edd n eddy]
  10. chef louis as captain hook [peter pan]
  11. max as patou [rock-a-doodle]
  12. ariel sister as Disney princess
  13. harold the seahorse as sid [hey arnold]
  14. sailors in fathoms below as the piates [peter pan]
  15. jig dancing sailors as piates [peter pan]
  16. sailors during storm as piates [peter pan]
  17. ursula as vanessa as sailor Neptune [sailor moon series anime]
  18. priest as victor [ed edd n eddy]
  19. shark as wolf [ed edd n eddy]
  20. giant ursula as genie jafar [aladdin]

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