Frankie as Sherman Klump

Sean as Buddy Love

Elizabeth as Carla

Bear as Father Klump

Brother Bear from (Berenstein Bear) as Young Father Klump

Bear from (Fox and the Hound) as Willie

Lucky as Mother Klump

Ms. Harrison as Granny Klump

Jason as Ernie Klump, Sr

Wicket as Ernie Klump, Jr

Danberry as Reggie

Oogie Boogie from (The Nightmare Before Christmas) as Giant Sherman Klump


  • Sean/Buddy Love: Aiy give it up fat boy its over. (his chin gets fat)
  • Frankie/Sherman Klump: It ain't over to till the fat professor sings.
  • (Lucky Screams)
  • Sean/Buddy Love: Let go of my arm you fat mother....
  • Frankie/Sherman Klump: You say one more word sean, i'll tear your arm off.

Voice Actors

Eddie Murphy - Frankie/Sean/Bear/Lucky/Jason/Ms. Harrison/Brother Bear/Oogie Boogie

Jada Pinkett - Elizabeth

Jamal Mixon - Wicket

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