Cast Edit

  • Westley- Shan-Yu (Mulan)
  • Buttercup - Westley (The Princess Bride), Buttercup (The Princess Bride), Vizzini (The Princess Bride), Montoya (The Princess Bride), & Fezzik (The Princess bride)
  • Vizzini - Terence (Thomas and Friends)
  • Fezzik - Boco (Thomas and Friends)
  • Montoya - Oliver (Thomas and Friends)
  • Humperdinck - Diesel (Thomas and Friends)
  • Rugen - Diesel 10 (Thomas and Friends)
  • Grandson - Henry (Thomas and Friends)
  • Grandfather - Gordon (Thomas and Friends)
  • Narrator - Toby (Thomas and Friends)
  • Impressive Clegyman - Duck (Thomas and Friends)
  • Adbino - Donald/Douglas (Thomas and Friends)
  • Valerie - Claude Frollo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
  • Max - Cranky (Thomas and Friends)
  • The Queen - Helga (Atlantis the Lost Empire)
  • The King - Incredible (The Incredibles)
  • Assistant Brute - Frozone (The Incredibles)
  • Ancient Booer - Yzma (The Emperor's New Groove)
  • Yellin - The Genie (Aladdin)
  • Father - Bulstrode (Thomas and Friends)
  • Mother - Colin (Thomas and Friends)
  • The Knights - Clayton's Men (Tarzan)

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