Bear as Wreck-it Ralph

Nia as Vannelope

Frankie as Fix-it Felix, Jr

Elizabeth as Sergant Calhoun

Sean as King Candy

African Bye-Bye as Turbo

The Mayor from (Powerpuff Girls) as Gene

All of Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network characters as the Nicelanders

Kelvin as Taffynita Muttonfudge

Leah as Jubileena Bing-Bing

Floating Bag as Candlehead

Jason as Rancis FluggerButter

White Dog as Snowanna Rainbeau

Godzilla as Bowser

Hades from (Hercules) as Dr. Eggman

Oogie Boogie from (The Nightmare before Christmas) as Neff

Lizzy Jones as Zombie

Hercules as Sonic

Fluffy's Ex-Boyfriend as Clyde

Kirby as Pac-man

Polo as Blinky

Good Sharky as Inky

Fluffy as Pinky

Titan from (Megamind) as Kano

Sonjay as Smoke

Muscle Man from (Regular Show) as Zangief

Judge Doom from (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) as M.Bison

Red from (FHFIF) as Diabo

Gripps as Mishaela

Cyclops from (Hercules) as Beholder

Frankie's Hollogram as General Hollogram

Wicket as One of the Hero's Duty's Soldiers that gave Ralph his clothe and wore Zangief's underwear

All of the Alliance as the Hero Duty's Soldiers

Edgar the Bug from (Mens In Black) as King Candy/Turbo as a Cy-Bug

The Gripps Group as The Cy-Bugs


  • Nia/Vanellope: Who are you?
  • Sean/King Candy: (reveals himself as African Bye-Bye/Turbo) I'm African Bye-Bye, the greatest african in the world, i did not reprogram this world to let you or that bear take it away from me.


  • Bear/Wreck-it Ralph:   I'm gonna wreck-it.  
  • The Nick and CN characters/The Nicelanders: Fix it, Frankie
  • Frankie/Fix-it Felix: I can fix it.


  • Edgar the Bug/Cy-Bug King Candy: GO INTO THE LIGH.........AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH (Edgar the Bug/ Cy-Bug King Candy and the Gripps Group/the other Cy-Bugs were destroyed)


  • Muscle Man/Zangief: Listen Bear, You a bad guy, but this does not mean you're a bad guy.
  • Bear/Wreck-it Ralph: I don't wanna be the bad guy anymore (Peg-Leg Pete blows fire and Fluffy's Ex-B-Friend turns blue)
  • African Bye-Bye/Kano: You can't mess with the program bear.
  • Judge Doom/M. Bison: You're not going to Octo, are you?


  • Edgar the Bug/Cy-Bug King Candy: Welcome to the boss level.
  • Bear/Wreck-it Ralph: (shocked when he sees Sean/King Candy turn into Edgar the Bug/a Cy-Bug) Bye-Bye!
  • Edgar the Bug/Cy-Bug King Candy: Because of you Bear, I'm now the most powerful villain in the world! I can take over any game i want! I should thank you...but it be more fun killing you!


  • Fluffy's Exboyfriend/Clyde: Bear, Bear, Bear, we just can't change who we are, the sooner you do that, you and your life will change.

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