The Alliance and Gripps Group Show/Wreck-it Ralph

Bear as Wreck-it Ralph

Nia as Vannellope Von Schweetz

Frankie as Fix-it Felix

Elizabeth as Sergant Calhoun

Mickey Mouse (Kingdom Heart style only) as Mario

Goofy (Kingdom Heart style only) as Luigi

Peg-Leg Pete from (Mickey Mouse) as Bowser

Jason as Rancis FluggerButter (since he's a good guy now)

Spongebob Squarepants/Angry Birds

Spongebob as Red Bird

Patrick as Blue Birds

Squidward as Yellow Bird

Mr. Krabs as Bomb Bird

Plankton as King Pig

Man-Ray as Moustache Pig

Dirty Bubble as Helmet Pig

The Alliance's Pets/Pac-man

Kirby as Pac-man

Fluffy's Ex-boyfriend as Clyde

Polo as Blinky

Good Sharky as Inky

Fluffy as Pinky

Regular Show/Spiderman

Mordecai as Spiderman

Death as Doctor Octopus

One of the Guardians of Eternal Youth as Kraven

Gary as Scorpion

Wizard as Mysterio

Baby ducks (in giant duck form) as Vulture

Future Mordecai as Sandman

Jimmy Neutron/X-men

Jimmy as Wolverine

Calamitus as Magneto

Baby as Eddie as Blob

Eustance as Toad

Beautiful Georgeous as Mistique

Junkman as Sabertooth

Phineas and Ferb/The Smurfs

Phineas as Clumsy

Ferb as Brainy

Isabella as Smurfette

Buford as Grouchy

Baljeet as Panicky

Dr. Doofenshmirtz as Gargamell

Norm as Azarael

Lion King/Spyro

Simba as Spyro

Scar as Grendor

Other Alliance characters/Scribblenauts

The Kid as Maxwell

Evil Frankie as Maxwell's Clone

Animaniacs/Epic Mickey

Yakko as Mickey

Wakko as Oswald

Dot as Ortensia

King Salthazzar as Mad Doctor

TUFF Puppy/Batman

Dudley as Batman

Snaptrap as Joker

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