Zira is a outlander lioness from The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride.

Voice Actors:

  1. Suzanne Pleshette - English
  2. Nika Futterman - English (The Lion Guard)
  3. Nelly Frijda - Dutch

Zira played Siri in Puppies Go Wild

She is a Singing Clouded Leopard.

Zira played Metal in Simbalto 1.5

She is Steele's Sister

Zira played Yon-Rha's Mother in Avatar: The Last Airbending Animal

She is a Old Lady

Zira played Elvira Parker in Deadly Friend (TheBluesRockz Style

She is a nasty neighbor across Conways

Zira played Ursa in Superwolf: The Movie

She is a Kryptonian criminal

Zira played Barbara Clawson in Wild West: The Cowcats Of Meow Mesa

She is a wild west outlaw

Zira played the Ugly Lady in Baltladdin

She is an ugly lady

Zira played Yzma in The Meerkat's New Groove and The Meerkat's New Groove II: Danny's New Groove

She is an evil woman

Zira played Lucifer in Alicella

She is a cat

Zira played Ursula in The Little Mer-Lioness

She is a Fat Sea Witch

Zira played Nightmare Chica in Five Nights at Baloo's 4: The Final Chapter

She is a Nightmare animatronic

Zira played The Witch in Nala White and the Seven Animals

She is an old hag

Played The Wicked Queen in Kiara White and the Seven Animals

She is a Evil Queen

Played The Fairy Godmother In Bernard (Shrek)

She is Charming's Mother

Played Frau Farbissena in Danny Powers: Internation Cat of MysteryDanny Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and Danny Powers: Goldmember

Played The Queen of Hearts in Kiara in Wonderland

She is Fat Queen

Zira played Ursula in Dinosaur King (TheBluesRockz Animal Style)

She is the leader of the Alpha Gang

Played Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty (CoolZDane Animal Style) and Sleeping Kiara

She is a evil Witch

Played Lady Tremaine in Nalarella

She is a evil Stepmother

Played The Balcony Harem Girls's Mother in Kovuladdin

She is a Mother

Played Aunt Figg in Timon and Basil The Movie

She is Robyn's Evil

Played Old Gothel in Tangled (Dodger'sPartyFan2570's Style)

She is a Old Woman

Played Frieza (Final From) in DragonBall Z CoolZdane Style

She is Powerful and Frieza's Final Form

Played Carface in All Female Animals Go To Heaven

She is an Evil Bulldog

Played Yubabba in Spirited Away (Uranimated18 Style)

She is a witch and leader of a bathhouse

Played Morgana in the Little Jaguar 2: Return to the Sea

She is a Sea Witch

Played Mother Green in Danny and Simba (aka: Crash & Bernstein)

Played Madame Medusa In The Rescuers (Baloo The BearFan Style)

She is Wicked Woman

Played Zelda The Sorceress In The Other Lioness 3

She is a Sorceress

Played Muriel in The Secret of NIMH 2: Lucky to the Rescue (CoolZDane Animal Style)

She is a cat

Played Wicked Queen (Hag) in Ruby and The Seven Equestria Girls

She is a hag

Played Damien Drake in Ocean Tunes: Back in Action

Played Jafar in Ladyladdin

Played Ms. Endive in Simba (Chowder)

Zira played Raz in Wild Age 4: Continental Drift

She is a Kangaroo

Zira played Sharon Stone in The Flintstones (LeopardJaime012's Style)

She is Cliff Vandercave's Wife

Zira played Princess Jasmine in Scarladdin